NEW MUSIC: MikeThomas “Stuttering Words” ft. Mickey SpitZ
By J.Scott |

There’s been a nice trend recently of rappers getting on old school break-beat style records. MikeThomas is the latest to hop on, with Mickey SpitZ. Reminisce.

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New School Promotions Presents: 4 20 Cypher
By Christopher.Bryan |

New School Promotions returns with Mickey Spitz, MikeThomas, G-Lo and Johnny G of the Pilot Kids for the 4 20 Cypher. Mickey, G-Lo and Johnny really impressed me with their verses. I’m looking forward to  hearing more music from G-Lo and Johnny.

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NEW MUSIC: Mickey SpitZ “Let Me Make It Clear”
By Christopher.Bryan |

Mickey SpitZ makes it clear for us on this new joint. His flow is pretty ill. I just wish his energy was higher, it would keep the attention of the average listener.

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New School Promotions Presents: New School’s 1st Annual Hip Hop Show
By Christopher.Bryan |

Jersey is back. New School Promotions sent over their video of the first annual Hip Hop Show from last week. Watch this clip that features performances from Mickey SpitzMike dePierroManny MazikGreg LopezShahroz and D-Phantom.

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New School Promotions Presents: ‘New School Hip Hop Cypher’
By Christopher.Bryan |

New Jersey’s New School Promotions brought us a video of 5 young east coast emcees showcasing their rhymes on a classic instrumental. Watch Mickey Spitz, Mike dePierro, Manny Mazik, Greg Lopez and D-Phantom represent the New School.

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