NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “Break It Down (Medley/Freestyle)”
By LG |

In all seriousness, the definition of the term “freestyle” is so muddled nowadays. Mike Stud intends to set the record straight with his new Sunday Stud Day. Topics were picked out of a hat, and he spit a couple bars about them. Sounds like a freestyle to me.

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NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “Amanda Bynes (Versace Remix)”
By LG |

Mike Stud jumps on to the hype train with his latest. However, it’s more entertaining than the original song. Flipping it onto women he wants just…works. The video is cool too. The stagnant setting and black and white imaging bounce well will that changing screen on T&A.

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NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “We Can’t Stop”
By LG |

Mike Stud turns in yet another awesome cover. This time it’s a Miley Cyrus joint that falls into his clutches. The video is yet another “fast life” kind of deal, but that’s part of the Mike Stud identity.

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NEW MUSIC: Mike Stud “Used To Be”
By LG |

Apparently this was a song that was left on the cutting room floor. Mike Stud must be into cutting hits from his albums. This song gives a look into how Mike wishes he could be. He stresses how bad he wants people to remember a different guy that stands before them. Deep stuff.

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NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “Batter Up”
By LG |

Mike Stud is on an all-time high right now. Relief is a success, especially for an unsigned artist, and he’s probably about to have another sellout tour on his hands. This video is great fun, just like the song, and features the best looking baseball players you’ll ever see. In true Mike Stud fashion.

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By LG |

Mike Stud can make a song that I absolutely hate into a song that I blast everyday. I’m guessing that while he’s preparing for his Relief tour, he decided to shoot this video. There isn’t much to it, but that’s his style.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mike Stud “Relief”
By LG |



Maybe it’s time we start talking about how surprised we are that Mike Stud makes great music. He has been consistent, even if he has only stuck with music in his comfort zone. Relief is not a game changer, nor is it anything particularly special. What the album is however, is a very solid offering from Mike Stud. It not only features a more adult offering than we have ever seen from him, but one that actually sees him evolve his game a bit. And that alone is a relief.

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NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “I’m Not Sorry (Acoustic Version)”
By LG |

Mike Stud continues to impress. He releases “I’m Not Sorry” as an acoustic version of his smash hit. Different, but just as good.

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The RapRise 2013 Rising Class Is…
By rapRISE |


Here we are again. It’s been just over a year now since our 2012 Rising Class was announced. XXL has now inducted their 2013 ‘Freshman Class’, so once again we must announce our list of artists to watch out for.
We thank you all for flooding the site and our Twitter account with your recommendations. As always, this wasn’t just based on a tally of votes. Here’s what our staff looked for in our Rising Class.

What we looked for:

  • Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
  • Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
  • Creativity and content.
  • Artists who have had a presence on RapRise.
  • And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2013 Rising Class is…

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NEW VIDEO: Mike Stud “Dreamin’”
By J.Scott |

Mr. Mike Stud brings some heat to the cold winter with this Scott Storch-produced single. Great visuals here. Never stop dreaming.

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