NEW VIDEO: N v-Stryve “Dream Big”
By J.Scott |

The clock is ticking on Drama B’s ‘Dream Big’ contest. N v-Stryve adds his two cents into the mix. I wish he didn’t cut the music the way he did though.

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NEW MIXTAPE: N v-Stryve ‘Stryve To Proceed’
By J.Scott |

N v-Stryve comes through with quite the lengthy mixtape. ‘Stryve To Proceed‘ covers a lot of ground. Be sure to download this one.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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NEW MUSIC: N v-Stryve “No Apologies” ft. Colette
By J.Scott |

N v-Stryve is aiming for a big sound here. Very commercial beat, easy to digest lyrics, the works. The chorus with Colette could have been mixed better, but I can hear the intent.

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NEW MUSIC: N v-Stryve “Love Done Live Here (Remix)”
By J.Scott |

Another Meek Mill cover coming in today. (I predict myself saying that a lot more in the future.) This time it’s N v-Stryve‘s turn.

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NEW MUSIC: N v-Stryve “Stay Schemin (Remix)”
By J.Scott |

N v-Stryve is new to the site, but I want him to keep it coming. He has a good message behind what he’s saying. But it’s just not coming across as clear as he would like.
J.Scott Tip: Watch your timing. (Read LG’s W.T.F.- “Off-Beat Rappers”)

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