NEW MUSIC: PYT “Can You Feel It”
By J.Scott |

I didn’t expect to ever hear this sample on this kind of track. It works though. And PYT produced it herself.

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NEW MUSIC: PYT “Ain’t It Beautiful”
By J.Scott |

Well we haven’t heard from PYT in a while. She’s back to tell us just how beautiful it is.

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NEW MIXTAPE: PYT ‘Ambitionz Az A Grinder’
By J.Scott |

PYT is back with part two to her ‘Ambitionz Az A Grinder’ series. This west coast rapper is holding it down for the females.
Tracklist and download link after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: PYT “Little Secret”
By J.Scott |

It appears PYT is out to steal somebody’s man. But she’ll keep it on the low though. That’s what they all say. Ha!

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NEW MUSIC: PYT “Racks On Racks Freestyle”
By J.Scott |

Better late than never? PYT hops onto the early ’11 hit and puts her own spin on it. Not necessarily a ‘freestyle’, but you know that word is thrown around. She still goes in.
Slim Jim was Randy Savage though.

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By J.Scott |

PYT puts her spin on the popular Khaled track. She doesn’t want to go through her whole life not living her dream. I don’t blame her.
Everybody is on one. Can I be on five? – J.Scott

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NEW MUSIC: PYT “Hustle Hard Freestyle” ft. Chubby Boi Swag
By J.Scott |

PYT is another lady holding down the microphone for the west coast. She adds her assistance to the “Hustle Hard” instrumental. Take a listen and see if she’s hard enough for you. …Pause.
J.Scott Tip: Turn ya boy down. He’s peaking!

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