NEW MUSIC: Rogue Venom “Go” ft. Nocando
By Christopher.Bryan |

This is conscious rap at its finest. Rogue Venom and Nocando delivered “Go” to us last night, a thought provoking song with some dope messages. Open your minds. Press play.


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NEW MUSIC: Rogue Venom “Economics” ft. Butta Rico
By Christopher.Bryan |

 The bass line in this song is so dope. Rogue Venom is back with another one. This time, Butta Rico tagged along and spit a few bars for the assist. Check the song about struggle for money and deciding that you’ve had enough.
…Every dollar counts.

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NEW MUSIC: Rogue Venom “Dummit Down”
By Christopher.Bryan |

Haven’t heard from Rogue in a while. Well, listen with caution. Rogue Venom is about to show us why her name is Rogue Venom with this song “Dummit Down”. The track is short and sweet, but she goes in. Listen up.

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By LG |

One day, the world will remember the roots of Hip-Hop. Not rap, but hip-hop. Things have gotten so far away from where they started that the game is like a shell of it’s former self. Few rappers have the lyrical awareness to bridge the gap. Few have the skills to transport you to an era of wax. An era of milk crates and turntables. Rogue Venom is one of those rappers. Her new album “SICK SAD WORLD” is definitely an amazing journey.

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NEW ALBUM: Rogue Venom ‘Sick Sad World’
By J.Scott |

The full album from the lyrical monster that is Rogue Venom is finally here. Boom-bap is still alive. If you’re a fan of traditional hip hop, this one is definitely for you.
Tracklist and download link after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: Rogue Venom “Spaced Out”
By J.Scott |

First off… I love this girl’s name. And not only does she have a dope name, but Rogue Venom really spits. I hear a little Jean Grae in her voice. (I hope you know that that’s a compliment.) My point is… Listen to this!
Her new project ‘Sick Sad World‘ drops this Sunday.

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