NEW VIDEO: Sincere “Road To The Riches”
By J.Scott |

Sincere, of YLS, continues down the right road in his latest video. Money or fame? We know what he wants.

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NEW MUSIC: Sincere “Down For My Nigga”
By J.Scott |

Stay down for the ones who stay down for you. Sincere knows the motto.

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NEW VIDEO: Nunu, Marv Hollywood & Sincere “Niggas Aint”
By J.Scott |

The connection between OTF and YLS continues as Nunu, Marv Hollywood, and Sincere link up once again.

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NEW MUSIC: Sincere “Levels Freestyle”
By J.Scott |

Sincere borrows Meek Mill’s flow on this cover of his current single “Levels.” This is when you’re supposed to make it your own though.

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NEW MUSIC: Sincere “Road to the Riches”
By J.Scott |

This is riding music. Sincere eases on down the road in this down-tempo tune. Drive slow, homie.

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NEW MUSIC: YLS Sincere “U.O.E.N.O”
By J.Scott |

After Rozay caught a big L for his verse on this song, it seemed like most people were staying clear of this track. But YLS’s Sincere isn’t scared. You know.

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NEW MUSIC: Sincere “Get Away”
By J.Scott |

YLS’ Sincere is just trying to get away. Paired with a clean sample and story-driven rhymes, he hints at an era of hip hop that has left us.

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NEW VIDEO: YLS Sincere “mindblown”
By J.Scott |

This is the first single from YLS Sincere. We’ve been hearing quite a bit from the YLS crew recently. Maybe this is the intro to them all delivering their own work as well.

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By J.Scott |

YLS’ Marv Hollywood, Sincere, and Louie Ville raise their glasses… well… cups in celebration of a good time. Listen responsibly.

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NEW MIXTAPE: High Dimension Ent ‘HDE The Mixtape’
By Christopher.Bryan |

We’ve got a mixtape here from High Dimension Ent. This is a collaborative project that features music from Don Benjamin, Active, Sincere and Showtime. These guys make big music, alone. Keep reading for the tracklist and download link to see if they rock well together.

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