NEW VIDEO: TopBananas “Memo”
By J.Scott |

TopBananas is the eccentric, Miami representing producer/rapper that has been blasted all over the top of our site this week. He came to us to present his new video, and we just couldn’t say no. His song/video “Memo” is a message to the industry. Let him in, or he just may revolt.

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TopBananas Teases “Memo” Video
By J.Scott |


Tomorrow is the official release of the new RapRise presented video from producer/rapper TopBananas. The animated visual features references that would drive any industry head crazy. Come back tomorrow to see it yourself.

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ALBUM REVIEW: TopBananas “Electric Nights”
By LG |

I am so mad this album is only 7 songs long. SO. UPSET. From the hilarious intro song, till the very end Electric Nights is a roaring good time. TopBananas brings a fresh concept, fresh sounds, and a fresh MC persona to the table to bring you something that just comes off as…well…FRESH.

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NEW ALBUM: TopBananas ‘Electric Nights’
By J.Scott |

Well this one literally came out of nowhere! TopBananas bring forward his unique producer/rapper sound with this 7-song album. I personally think you’ll really enjoy this one.

Tracklist and download link below.

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NEW VIDEO: Fe-sides “You Ain’t My B^tch (Yes We Can Buy Our Own Fries)”
By J.Scott |

Fe-sides (pronounced Iron-Sides) is the production duo of rapper/producer TopBananas and M.E.
TB describes this video as a combination of “the 2008 Presidential Election with Toy Story”. If that doesn’t make you want to watch it, I don’t know what will. Peep the TB cameo in the beginning.

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NEW MUSIC: Eclectic “Trouble For Our Rhymes” ft. TopBananas
By J.Scott |

Yesterday he teased us with the title for his debut mixtape. Today Eclectic gives us the first offering from ‘The Passage‘. He and TopBananas, (great name), murder the Neptunes-produced track from Pusha T and Tyler.

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Eclectic Performs At ‘Superhero Dreams’ Release Event
By J.Scott |

Eclectic blessed the stage as one of the openers for the recent Crown Holders‘ ‘Superhero Dreams’ EP release event. With TopBananas pulling the assist, here is a look at the end of his set which featured covers of “Monster”, “Start It Up”, and “6’7′”. Gotta love the fake exit.
This guy is a beast!

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Crown Holders’ ‘Superhero Dreams’ Release Event
By rapRISE |

Last week the Crown Holders held a release event for their recently released ‘Superhero Dreams‘ EP. Performers included C.H themselves, JDrew, Eclectic, TopBananas, J. Quest, Jasmine V., Lyrix, and D. Marie.

See more pictures after the jump.

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