NEW MUSIC: Young Novelist “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2″
By J.Scott |

Young Novelist_Pound Cake-ParisMorton

Young Novelist takes a direct shot at the current state of hip hop with this two for the price of one track. Keep talking.
But did he say “equilavent”?

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NEW MIXTAPE: Young Novelist ‘Black Out’
By J.Scott |


Young Novelist kicks off the lights and lets himself black out for his new mixtape. The project isn’t very long, but it is direct. Welcome back, Young.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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NEW VIDEO: Young Novelist “Kobe Remix”
By J.Scott |

Live from the studio, Young Novelist remixes Chief Keef’s track in ode to purple and gold’s number 24.

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NEW VIDEO: Young Novelist “Autumn Pain (Hurt You)” ft. Drama B
By J.Scott |

It’s almost spring, but Young Novelist and Drama B are going through autumn pains. It’s hard to lose the one you love.

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NEW MUSIC: Young Novelist “Diced Pineapples Remix”
By J.Scott |

After one of the longest intros ever, Young Novelist takes to Ross’ “Diced Pineapples” for his own remix.

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Young Novelist Reveals Mixtape Cover
By J.Scott |

Young Novelist is all set to release his new mixtape ‘Broken Hearts & Mannequins’ on 12.12.12. I foresee a lot of big releases on that day.

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NEW MUSIC: Young Novelist “I Know”
By J.Scott |

Young Novelist came correct on this one. I know. He took Lacrae’s track and flipped it well. I know.

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NEW MUSIC: Young Novelist “Exodus 23:1″ (TONY TRiGGaZ Diss)
By J.Scott |

Things just got serious. Young Novelist goes directly at TONY TRiGGaZ‘s head over Pusha T’s now prolific track. No subliminals here. The ball’s in your court, Tony.
Shout out to that RapRise shout out!

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NEW VIDEO: Jewlz “HYFR ft. Young Novelist” (Trailer)
By Christopher.Bryan |

Looks like Jewlz is coming with a video for his “HYFR” cover with Young Novelist. Good stuff.

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NEW VIDEO: Young Novelist ’2012 Alpha Cypher’
By J.Scott |

Jewls called out Young Novelist. The reply is in. And he keeps it going by calling out Scrap. …Can we talk about how that room reminds me of the RapCity booth?

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